Formthotics Rearfoot Wedge (Valgus Varus)

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Formthotics Rearfoot Wedges

Enhance Your Foot Health with Orthotic Rearfoot Wedges

Optimised Foot Support

The Orthotic Rearfoot Wedges are a revolutionary approach to correct foot biomechanics and alleviate foot pain. Crafted for functionality, they can be attached beneath Formthotics or directly onto your shoes. These wedges offer versatile support as a medial or lateral wedge, catering to your specific needs.

Superior Material and Design

Choose from two densities: medium (blue) and firm (black) Formax™ foam. Our 4mm rearfoot wedge is a critical tool in balancing leg length and preventing hindfoot abduction. It’s instrumental in reducing the risk of conditions like Achilles tendinopathy, flat feet, and various foot pains.

User-Friendly Application

The self-adhesive design is a breakthrough in simplicity and effectiveness. Packaged in pairs, these wedges adhere smoothly, making them effortless to integrate into your daily footwear. This user-focused design allows for easy control of your foot biomechanics.

Targeted Pain Relief

These rearfoot wedges are perfect for those battling Achilles tendinopathy, heel spur, peroneal tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, Severs disease, shin splints, sprained ankle, and other foot-related pains. Their broad application scope demonstrates their efficacy in treating a range of foot issues.

Empowerment Through Comfort

Orthotic Rearfoot Wedges offer a comprehensive solution for individuals aiming to improve their foot biomechanics and alleviate discomfort. Each step with these wedges is a move towards better foot function and reduced pain. Trust these wedges to be your partner in foot health and comfort.

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