AOG70 Allcare Ortho Groin Strap

Expertly Designed Groin Support

Experience Enhanced Recovery and Comfort

The AOG70 Allcare Ortho Groin Strap is a cutting-edge solution designed to assist individuals suffering from groin injuries. Engineered with precision, this strap offers unparalleled support, significantly aiding in the recovery process.

Highly Effective Support Mechanism

Crafted with a robust two-inch wide elastic band, the AOG70 ensures a snug and secure fit around the groin area. The inclusion of a D-ring further enhances this security, ensuring the strap remains in place, providing consistent support.

Customisable Comfort

One of the standout features of the AOG70 is its hook and loop closure system. This design allows for effortless adjustment, enabling users to achieve the perfect balance between compression and comfort, tailored to their individual needs.

Targeted Pain Relief

By expertly distributing pressure and support, the AOG70 plays a crucial role in managing groin strains. It effectively reduces stress on the injured muscles and tendons, leading to significant pain relief. This targeted approach is crucial for both immediate comfort and long-term healing.

Ideal for a Range of Injuries

The versatility of the AOG70 makes it a top choice for physiotherapists. It’s exceptionally effective for hip abductor, hip flexor, and adductor strains. Whether you’re dealing with an acute injury or chronic discomfort, this strap is your ally in recovery.

Your Partner in Healing

The AOG70 isn’t just a support strap; it’s a tool that empowers you on your journey to recovery. By facilitating proper alignment and reducing the risk of further injury, it supports your body’s natural healing process.

Key Benefits

  • Secure, adjustable fit for personalised comfort
  • Alleviates pain by reducing muscle and tendon stress
  • Ideal for a variety of groin-related injuries
  • Supports natural healing and recovery process

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Allcare Ortho Groin Strap (AOG70)
Allcare Ortho Groin Strap (AOG70)

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Dimensions 3 × 10 × 15 cm

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