Ankle Support with Strap – OPPO 1003

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Ankle Support with Strap – OPPO 1003

Customisable Comfort and Support

The OPPO 1003 Ankle Support with Strap offers essential relief for anyone suffering from ankle discomfort. It features a removable surgical elastic strap, providing adjustable compression. This customisation allows you to fine-tune the level of support to your unique needs, ensuring optimal comfort and effectiveness.

Designed for Movement

Enjoy an unrestricted range of motion thanks to its open toe and heel design. This feature makes the OPPO 1003 suitable for various activities, from everyday walking to sports. It’s a versatile choice for active individuals.

Targeted Pain Relief

Expertly crafted to alleviate pain associated with strains, stiffness, or overstressed ankles, this ankle support offers targeted compression. It’s particularly beneficial for weak ankles, providing the necessary support to foster healing and reduce discomfort.

Ideal Fit for All

With a size accommodating lower shin circumferences between 31.1 cm and 35.9 cm, the OPPO1003 is a perfect fit for a broad spectrum of users. Its extra-large size ensures that most individuals can enjoy the benefits it offers.

Seize the Opportunity for Enhanced Ankle Health

Don’t overlook this opportunity to support and relieve your ankles. The OPP1003 Ankle Support with Strap is now available, ready to aid in your journey towards improved ankle health.

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  • S 15.6-20.6cm (6 1/8-8 1/8″)
  • M 20.6-25.7cm (8 1/8-10 1/8″)
  • L 25.7-30.8cm (10 1/8-12 1/8″)
  • XL 30.8-35.9cm (12 1/8-14 1/8″)

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