Wrist and Thumb Support – OPPO 1188

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Find Relief with OPPO 1188 Wrist and Thumb Support

Effective Pain Relief and Stabilisation

The OPPO 1188 Wrist and Thumb Support serves as a highly effective solution for those suffering from wrist and thumb pain. It provides crucial stabilisation, aiding in the relief and recovery process. Ideal for conditions like ulnar/radial collateral ligament injuries, arthritis, De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, and MCP or CMC joint dislocations.

Innovative Design for Comfort and Support

Designed to maintain the CMC and MCP joints in a neutral position, the OPPO 1188 minimises further injury risks. Its adjustable design adapts as your healing progresses, ensuring a customised fit.

Easy-to-Follow Fitting Instructions

Fitting the OPPO 1188 is a breeze:

  1. Insert the thermoplastic plate into its designated pocket.
  2. Pour hot water (around 75°C) into the pocket, keeping below 100°C.
  3. Mold the plate to fit your wrist and thumb once it becomes pliable.
  4. Let it stiffen and dry off with a towel.
  5. Adjust the Velcro® strap for a secure, comfortable fit.

Regain Your Active Lifestyle

The OPPO 1188 Wrist/Thumb Support is perfect for those eager to heal quickly and return to their daily activities. It supports your thumb and wrist, facilitating recovery and helping you regain strength and mobility.

Sizing for All

Measure your wrist circumference and consult our sizing chart to ensure the OPPO 1188 fits you perfectly, providing the support and comfort you need.

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