Back Pain Book – How To Get Rid Of It Forever

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Back Pain Book – How to Get Rid of it Forever

As Brisbane physiotherapist John Perrier explains in his book “Back Pain: How to Get Rid of it Forever,” each case of back pain is different. Methods that cure your neighbour’s back pain won’t necessarily help you. In fact, they may even make you worse!

So what can you do? In his book, John Perrier has devised a system for classifying back pain into one of four types, labeled as either A, B, C or D. By using this system, you have a far better chance of garnering the right advice for your problem.

Additionally, some common treatments for low back pain include physical therapy, exercise, hot and cold therapy, pain medication, and alternative therapies like massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. It’s important to find the treatment that works best for you and to be patient, as it can take time for the pain to subside.

It’s also important to address any underlying issues that may be contributing to your back pain, such as poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, and weak core muscles. Making changes to your daily routine and habits can help prevent future occurrences of back pain.

Lastly, it’s crucial to have an open and honest conversation with your healthcare provider about your symptoms, as they can help you develop a personalised treatment plan and monitor your progress. Remember, there is no miracle cure, but with proper treatment, support, and patience, you can find relief from your low back pain.

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