Mesh Arm Sling – OPPO 3289

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Mesh Arm Sling – OPPO 3289

Comfortable Support for Your Arm: Mesh Arm Sling – OPPO 3289

Reliable Immobilisation for Shoulder Injuries

The Mesh Arm Sling – OPPO 3289 is expertly crafted to offer both immobilisation and support, particularly beneficial for mild sprains and strains in the shoulder region. Designed with physiotherapy insights, this sling ensures you’re well on your way to recovery.

Breathable Design for Extended Use

One of the key features of this sling is its netted fabric. This material choice ensures greater comfort, particularly for long-term wear. The breathable nature of the mesh prevents overheating and discomfort, making it ideal for continuous use throughout your recovery journey.

Optimised Positioning for Healing

Keeping your shoulder and arm in a neutral position is crucial for avoiding further strain or injury. The Mesh Arm Sling aids in maintaining this essential alignment. Its adjustable padded straps allow for customised height adjustment, ensuring your arm is supported correctly. Additionally, the thumb loop plays a vital role in keeping your hand in the right position for optimal comfort and stability.

Simple and Secure Application

Wearing the sling is straightforward. Slide your forearm into the mesh pocket, ensuring your thumb is placed in the thumb strap. Then, pull the strap over your shoulder and secure it using the buckle system. Adjust the shoulder strap so that your elbow joint is approximately at a 90° angle, then fasten the hook and loop closure for a snug fit.

Versatile Use for Various Conditions

This sling is ideal for a range of conditions, including brachial nerve injury, upper arm fractures, and shoulder subluxation/dislocation. It also offers excellent post-surgical protection for procedures like rotator cuff repair and shoulder arthroplasty. Whether you’re in the midst of recovery or seeking to prevent an injury, the OPPO 3289 is your go-to solution.

Conclusion: Key Benefits of the Mesh Arm Sling – OPPO 3289

  • Provides effective immobilisation and support
  • Breathable mesh material for enhanced comfort
  • Adjustable features for personalised fit
  • Easy to wear and secure
  • Suitable for various shoulder and arm conditions

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Sizing Chart

Measure length of forearm (cm):

Mesh Arm Sling / 3289

Small 9 ¼ – 10 “ 23.5 – 25.4cm
Medium 10 ½ – 12 “ 25.7 – 30.5cm
Large 12 ⅛ – 14 “ 30.8 – 35.6cm
X-Large 14 ⅛ – 16 “ 35.9 – 40.6cm

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