Hip & Butt Month

Hip or Buttock Pain?

Hip or buttock pain commonly needlessly affects many people in day-to-day life. Whether it be a sharp or dull pain, muscle weakness or an inability to safely walk, squat, or climb stairs, a painful hip or buttock can be very frustrating.

There are numerous causes of hip and buttock pain. Luckily, most sources of hip and buttock pain are only mild. It’s usually a simple muscle or joint control problem, and there is a positive non-operative exercise-based solution in most cases.

What Is The Most Common Reason For Hip Pain?

What About Serious Hip and Buttock Conditions?

Fortunately, most hip and buttock pain is not severe. Once we exclude nasties, you can quickly relieve your hip or butt pain and return to a comfortable and fun life!

Some sources of hip pain can be serious. It is crucial to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your hip or buttock pain so that your physiotherapist or doctor can direct appropriate treatment to the reason.

Please consult your physiotherapist or doctor for the most accurate diagnosis and best treatment for your hip or buttock pain.

Hip & Buttock Pain FAQs

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