Thigh Pain

Thigh Pain & Injury

Article by John Miller

Thigh Pain

Thigh pain or injury can originate from any of your thigh or buttock muscles, plus your hip and lower back joints. Sciatica is also a condition that can cause posterior thigh pain. The major muscle groups of the thigh include your Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Adductors & ITB. Thigh pain can cause you to have difficulty walking, running, or climbing stairs. Sometimes the pain can occur after trauma or an injury. Other times, it may begin for no apparent reason.

Your thigh is the area of your upper leg between your hip joint and your knee. It consists of several parts:

  • Your quadriceps muscles are in the front of your thigh. They allow you to straighten your knee and bend at the hip.
  • Your hamstring muscles are on the backside of your thigh. They allow you to bend your knee.
  • Groin muscles are on the inner part of your thigh. These allow you to pull your leg toward your abdomen.
  • Your hip muscles, like the gluteus medius, pull your thigh out to the side.