Sports Massage

Sports Massage

What is a Sports Massage?

Sports massage is treatment given with the understanding of anatomy and physiology and the particular demands placed upon the body by the client and their specific sport.

Sports massage focuses on preventing and treating injury while also enhancing athletic performance. Therapists will commonly use a mixture of Swedish and deep-tissue massage techniques. Your massage therapist will usually finish your sports massage with gentle stretch therapy.

A sports massage’s principal mandate is returning you to your desired sports activity with the same or an even better level of function. Sports massages can include more aggressive techniques that approach muscles more deeply.

Sports massage will often utilise various modalities such as remedial massage, trigger point therapy, cross-fibre techniques and deep tissue work. Primarily, the difference lies with function. That is, returning you to your chosen activity in optimal function.

What is a Pre-Event Sports Massage?

A pre-event massage is a short, specific treatment immediately before (30 minutes- 24 hours before) a sports event. Massage aims to increase your circulation, flexibility and mental clarity to improve your performance.

A pre-event sports massage does not replace your warm-up but complements it. It is essential for your massage therapist to know your sport or activity and what muscles are likely to be used the most. Assessing your athletic condition and needs well before the event is also helpful. The pre-event massage is not the time and place to perform a deep or remedial treatment.

Your massage therapist should consider factors such as temperature, anxiety, fatigue and hyperactivity before your massage treatment. If you are cold, then more warming things need to be done. If you are already warmed up, your therapist will focus on flexibility. Soothing strokes may be called for to ease pre-event anxiety. As you can see, the pre-event sports massage will vary depending on you and your chosen sport.

The amount and depth of treatment is the most critical key to effective pre-event massage. Deep tissue work is usually contraindicated during a pre-event massage as it may cause too much of an increase in flexibility and may interfere with your muscle timing and strength.

A high-quality sports massage therapist will always keep your sports goal in mind!

What is a Post-Event Sports Massage?

Quick recovery is the primary purpose of post-event sports massage. Athletes push themselves harder during an event than while training. For example, during a marathon, most athletes run a greater distance during the event than they’ve ever run during their training. It’s your competitive spirit pushing you to the limit. A massage afterwards is vital to assist in a quick, pain-free recovery.

Your sports massage therapist will aim to relax your muscle tone, improve recovery circulation, and restore flexibility. This relaxation allows for a quicker recovery and prompt return to training without the usual stiffness and soreness.

Post-event massage can also be the first assessment for potential injuries and more serious medical conditions (heat exhaustion or hypothermia), which may be identified early and treated promptly.

The school of thought is about when you will achieve the best results in a post-event massage: immediately or the next day.

In an ideal world, such as professional sport, they have light daily or more substantial alternate-day massage. You be the judge as to what works best for you!

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Sports Massage

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