How to Optimise Your Performance with Pre-Event Massage

Optimise Your Performance with Pre-Event Massage

The Key to Enhancing Your Athletic Ability

pre-event sports massage
Pre-Event Sports Massage To Optimise Performance

What is a Pre-Event Massage?

A pre-event massage is a massage session before a workout, competition, or sporting performance. The primary goal of a pre-event massage is to enhance performance by increasing blood circulation, improving flexibility, and mentally preparing individuals for the upcoming activity. It is typically a brief and targeted massage treatment.

Within One Week

Deep tissue massage is recommended 3-5 days before the event. This type of massage can effectively release muscle knots, alleviate muscle fatigue, enhance the range of motion, and provide a much-needed respite from the regular training schedule.

Timing is crucial in optimising the advantages of pre-event and post-event recovery massages. Please schedule your pre-event massage for deep tissue techniques 48 to 72 hours before the exercise event.

Within 24 Hours

On the day of the event or the day before, limiting the massage to light techniques is crucial. Deep tissue or intense massages can leave the muscles tender or sore, affecting performance during the event.

On the other hand, light massages can still provide relaxation, increase blood flow, and promote a sense of calmness without causing undue strain on the muscles. These gentle techniques can help maintain flexibility, relieve minor tension, and ensure that the body is optimal for the upcoming activity.

Discuss Timing with Your Massage Therapist

It would be best to communicate your preferences and event schedule to your sports massage therapist, who can tailor the session to provide the most suitable light massage techniques for your specific needs.

If you have an upcoming sporting event, discussing the specific timeframes with your sports massage therapist is essential. Ensure that your muscles are in optimal condition on the event day.

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