When is the Best Time for Your Post-Event Recovery Massage?

If you’re considering a pre-event massage or post-event recovery massage your timing is important for maximum benefit.

Post-Event Recovery Massage

Post-event recovery massages are most effective within a few days of your sporting event. It is always a good idea to present yourself at the post-event massage tent if one is available for a light rub down.

It is highly recommended that you do have a follow-up massage within a few days of your sporting event to help you recover quicker or evaluate any niggling injuries. Most professional sporting teams now utilise the professional services of massage therapists to assist athletic recovery and preparation.

You’ll find that elite football team players usually have two different styles of sports massage each week to prepare them for next week’s game.

What is Normal Post-Exercise Soreness?

Normal post-exercise soreness should settle within a day or two. Pain or soreness lasting greater than 48 hours is likely to be injury related. If this is your case, we recommend that you seek professional assessment and management of any suspected injuries.

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