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Workplace Wellness

Working towards happy, healthy production

workplace wellness program

PhysioWorks offers businesses Workplace Wellness Screening for their employees. Research has shown that ROI on workplace wellness programs is high as $2.73 for every dollar spent (Baicker, et al. 2010). 

We can offer you a comprehensive screening of your employees health needs and assist them on their journey towards better health. 

PhysioWorks can offer varying levels of workplace screening programs. 

What is a Workplace Wellness Screening?

PhysioWorks will discuss your specific needs with you and tailor your Workplace Wellness Screening solution to meet those needs and your budget.

Your Wellness Screening may include:

General Health Questionnaire

workplace wellness program

Asking your workers what their current health problems are is crucial to understanding their specific needs. PhysioWorks comprehensively screens all workers by having a skilled physiotherapist ask all the right questions. Asking the right questions lets employers know what health risks employers are dealing with. Complete employee confidentiality is maintained.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

workplace wellness program

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a series of tests, practices and observations specific to the needs of your worker and the environment that they work in. Depending on your workplace needs PhysioWorks can tailor your FCE to assess a variety of physical parameters including.

  • General biometrics
  • Blood pressure
  • Joint range of motion
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Balance and mobility
  • Neurological screening
  • Neurodynamics
  • Muscle strength
  • Manual Handling

Individual Worker Reports

workplace wellness program

Upon request, PhysioWorks can provide each and every worker with a personalised report of their testing findings. The report will outline individual health risk factors, comparison of other workers in similar sectors and normalised population data. The report can also recommend specific treatment options and provide workers with invaluable information about any pre-existing health conditions.

Data Analysis

Imperative to asking the right questions is being able to accurately interpret the data. PhysioWorks can provide your business with an easy-to-read data analysis report that maintains patient confidentiality.

Which Workplace Screening Tool is Best for Your Business?

workplace wellnessworkplace wellness 2workplace wellness 3

While PhysioWorks offers a standard range of Worker Wellness Solutions, we also offer very flexible solutions and costings to ensure that your business is discovering and paying for exactly what you need. The best solution is a phone call away. Please discuss your Workplace Wellness needs with us at PhysioWorks.

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