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PhysioWorks/Snap Fitness Members Benefits Program

PhysioWorks – Snap Fitness Partnership

Are you keen on maintaining your training regimen? Are you experiencing pain or stiffness? Or is there another obstacle preventing you from performing at your best?

Physiotherapy and massage can help you overcome various issues that may impact your performance at the gym and during exercise.

Did you know that PhysioWorks Sandgate has a Members’ Benefits Program in collaboration with SNAP Fitness Sandgate? As part of this program, SNAP Fitness Sandgate Members receive a 10% discount on their physiotherapy consultations or remedial massage sessions!

How Does It Work?

Present your SNAP Fitness Membership card to avail yourself of the 10% discount. You can also bring a referral from your trainer, although this is not mandatory. Word of mouth from your trainer is sufficient. We’ll ensure ongoing collaboration between your trainer and physiotherapist to meet your specific needs.

Benefits for Members include:

  • Keeping you in the gym or enabling a faster return to the gym
  • Providing more comprehensive care with co-ordinated care between your trainer and physiotherapist
  • Improving long-term health outcomes through consistent gym work/exercise
  • Enhancing movement efficiency

Injury Information

Weightlifting Injuries

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