Preventing & Managing Teenager Neck & Back Pain

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Article by John Miller

Youth Spinal Pain

Preventing & Managing Teenager Neck & Back Pain

Teenagers often experience spinal pain, which can be particularly challenging to manage. Their high flexibility, low muscle strength, and posture control make them more susceptible to back pain.

To prevent spinal pain in youth, encourage regular exercise and focus on maintaining fitness and core stability control. Regular physical activity helps build more muscular supporting structures and reduces the risk of spine injuries. However, sports such as gymnastics, cricket fast bowlers, and tennis have a higher incidence of associated lumbar spine problems due to repetitive twisting and hyper-bending motions.

Severe conditions like spondylolisthesis require highly-monitored treatment from a physiotherapist experienced in dealing with these injuries. Fortunately, most injuries are minor, self-limited, and respond well to physiotherapy treatment.

If your teenager experiences spinal pain, we recommend you consult a physiotherapist or a spinal doctor to identify and treat any deficits in this area. Your teenager can effectively manage their spinal pain and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle with proper treatment and guidance.

Common Adolescent Spinal Injuries

Lower Back (Lumbosacral Spine)

Midback (Thoracic Spine)

Neck (Cervical Spine)

For specific advice regarding youth neck or back pain, seek the professional advice of your trusted spinal physiotherapist or doctor.

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