Shoulder Exercises

Why are Shoulder Exercises Important?

Shoulder exercises

Shoulder Muscles

Your shoulder joint actually is very unstable due to its need to move through a huge range of motion. This means that strong and coordinated shoulder muscles are vital to control your shoulder on your shoulder blade while performing normal arm motion.

Two factors are very important:

  • Shoulder strength and co-ordination.
  • Shoulder flexibility.

Shoulder Strength Exercises

Your shoulder requires strong dynamic control. The main muscle groups that require strengthening are your:

Shoulder Stretching Exercises

Interestingly, shoulder stretching exercises are essential to allow for enough movement around your shoulder to allow for normal biomechanical shoulder movement.

Shoulder pain and injury often causes some shoulder muscle groups to overwork, tighten, shorten or form knots. This abnormal resting muscle tension will restrict your potential shoulder movement, predisposing you to shoulder pain and injury.

Likewise, just as some shoulder muscles tighten other shoulder muscles will weaken and actually become elongated. It is important that these shoulder muscles should not be further stretched. Instead they should be strengthened with specific shoulder exercises.

For specific shoulder stretching exercises that are appropriate for your shoulder injury, please consult your physiotherapist who specialises in shoulder pain and its rehabilitation.

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