Can You Walk With A Torn Knee Ligament?

Article by Matthew Batch

Can You Walk With A Torn Knee Ligament?

When Is Walking Safe?

You might wonder if walking on a knee with a ligament injury is possible. In cases of mild to moderate knee ligament injuries, walking isn’t just possible; it’s often part of the recovery process. However, recognising when walking benefits you and when it could harm you is crucial.

The Role of Ligaments in Knee Stability

Ligaments are like strong bands that connect bones and stabilise joints by limiting excessive movement. While important, they’re not the only players in joint stability. The joint’s shape, its capsule, cartilage, and surrounding muscles and tendons also play critical roles.

Even with a knee ligament injury, you might be able to walk thanks to this combined support. Yet, this doesn’t mean the injury is minor or should be ignored. Pain, swelling, and instability in the knee can occur, impacting your confidence and mobility.

Professional Assessment Is Key

Each knee ligament injury is unique. Thus, it’s essential to get a professional assessment from a physiotherapist or doctor. They will evaluate the damage, determine the severity, and decide the best treatment approach, which may include bracing, motion limitation, or even surgery.

What to Do?

If you suspect a knee ligament injury, seek advice from a physiotherapist. They will develop a tailored recovery plan for you, which may include controlled walking exercises.


While mild to moderate knee ligament injuries might allow some walking, every injury needs careful evaluation and personalised care.

Seek Professional Advice

Always consult a physiotherapist or doctor for a professional assessment of a knee ligament injury. Your recovery plan will depend on your specific circumstances and may include a variety of treatments to ensure the best outcome.

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