Is Ultrasound Retraining the Whole Back Pain Cure?

Article by John Miller

Back Pain is Multifactorial

Lower back pain is a complex condition, especially if it has been present for some time. Retraining the Transversus Abdominis and Multifidus are significant milestones in the road to recovery. It is, however, often not the whole solution.

Depending on your needs, a comprehensive rehabilitation program will be designed for you by your physiotherapist. Your rehabilitation will probably require other interventions in addition to the Transversus Abdominis and Multifidus and core strengthening exercises. These techniques may include joint mobilisation, lumbopelvic alignment techniques, massage, muscle releases and stretches, leg and arm strengthening, posture correction and various other modalities to reduce your pain.

Your physiotherapist will discuss your treatment options specific to your needs during your consultation.

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