When Can You Get Back to Sport?

When Can You Get Back to Sport?

Your safe return to sport hinges on decisions made by your sports physiotherapist, doctor, or surgeon. They’ll factor in your tissue healing progress and how well you’ve advanced in your rehabilitation journey. Rushing back into sports prematurely can hamper healing, extend recovery time, and lead to prolonged pain.

Your physiotherapist’s goal is to expedite the process using hands-on treatment methods, progressive exercises, and, notably, strength, functional, sport-specific, and agility drills that simulate your sport. On occasion, protective bracing or taping might facilitate an early return to sport.

As a general guideline, it’s worth noting that most soft tissue and bone injuries typically require a minimum of six weeks for scar tissue to mature or bones to complete their healing process. Consequently, adopting a cautious approach becomes crucial. It’s highly advisable to engage in a conversation with your sports physiotherapist, surgeon, or sports physician. This way, they can effectively liaise with your coach and ensure a well-informed decision regarding your return to sport.

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