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Physiotherapist-Prescribed Exercises: Why and How

Why Do Physiotherapists Recommend Specific Exercises for You?

Ever wondered why physiotherapists suggest exercises for you? Well, these exercise prescriptions are a core skill in their profession. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, dealing with an acute injury, or working through chronic de-conditioning, the right exercises are vital. The knowledge of your physiotherapist comes into play here, tailoring your exercise regimen just for you.

Beyond diagnosing injuries, your physiotherapist is well-versed in exercise physiology. This knowledge empowers them to evaluate your injury and craft a personalised plan. The exercises recommended are designed to suit your current fitness level, age, and specific needs.

Getting Specific with Exercises

Remember, exercises shouldn’t hurt. Beware of aggressive exercise proponents who believe that more pain equals better results. Especially if you’re frail, immunosuppressed, de-conditioned, or recovering from surgery, this isn’t the approach to follow.

A comprehensive assessment by your physiotherapist leads to a set of carefully chosen exercises. These exercises are tailored to avoid aggravating your injury and to prevent further harm. When plotting your rehabilitation journey, consulting an exercise professional, like your physiotherapist, is a smart move.

The Aftermath of Halting Exercises

Neglecting simple exercises can lead to muscle weakness. When these stabilising muscles grow weak, they fail to adequately support injured areas, increasing the risk of lingering symptoms and additional injuries. Compensatory overuse of neighbouring muscles might also occur, exacerbating the damage.

Remember, even if you’re generally fit, specific local or stability muscles could be underdeveloped. Injured or not, it’s crucial to engage in exercises targeting the muscles around your injury and adjacent joints. After assessing your muscle function, your physiotherapist will recommend exercises tailored to your unique requirements.

The prescribed exercises are usually straightforward, demanding no special weights or equipment. They can be safely performed in the comfort of your home.

Consistency Matters

Think of exercise prescriptions like your personal dose of medicine. Your physiotherapist tailors this dose with professional finesse. Just as you wouldn’t skip your blood pressure medication due to a busy schedule, your exercise plan deserves the same commitment.

Physiotherapist-recommended exercises should be your priority. Skipping them is akin to not adhering to prescribed medication. For optimum results, treat your exercise routine with the same dedication as you would your medications.

Prioritise Your Health

When you consider skipping your “exercise dose,” remember that you’re compromising your well-being. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your PhysioWorks physiotherapist if you have queries or concerns. They’re your partners in securing your best possible care.

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