Functional Capacity Evaluations 

Functional Capacity Evaluations

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What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a set of specific objective measures to determine the ability of an individual to function in a specific roles or work function. In simple terms, it measures and assesses the functional ability of an employee to safely perform their job.

Functional Capacity Evaluation Terms Explained

General Biometrics

Determine your workers’ body mass index (BMI) and waist to hip ratio (WHR) to identify risk factors for chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other digestive and kidney diseases.

Blood pressure

High blood pressure is a known risk factor for stroke and other chronic disease. Many people with high blood pressure aren’t aware. Those with high blood pressure should consider lifestyle changes.

Joint Range

Determine your worker’s flexibility deficits and ascertain their risk for development of musculoskeletal disorders.

Cardiovascular fitness

Physical inactivity and low cardiovascular fitness is one of the leading modifiable risk factors for chronic diseases such as diabetes and stroke. Determine your workers’ cardiovascular health by opting to partake in the cardiovascular fitness testing.

Balance and Mobility

Assess your workers’ ability to maintain their balance and mobility to ensure that they are staying safe on their feet.

Neurological Screening

Screen your workers for sensory and motor deficits to and give your worker’s peace of mind that they are not suffering from any neurological compromise.


Much like your muscles and joints, your nerves require full unrestricted range of motion to function optimally. Assess your workers’ neurodynamics to determine any restrictions which may require attention.

Muscle Strength

Have your workers strength of various muscle groups assessed and compared to normative data. Low muscle strength may be a modifiable risk factor for development of common musculoskeletal disorders.

Manual Handling

Assess your workers’ manual handling competence using progressive lifting lifting methods until a safe maximum is reached. Determine who is at risk within your organisation.

If you would like to arrange a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) of an individual worker or a group of your workers, please contact us for more information. On-sire and off-sites FCE’s are available.

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