What Causes Back Pain For No Reason?

Article by Matthew Batch

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What Causes Back Pain For No Reason?

There are many possible reasons you may begin to experience pain in your back. Although the most frequently self-reported cause tends to be lifting manoeuvres, symptoms can still develop without a precise instigating mechanism or event. Whilst it may be difficult to identify why pain in the back has developed, several risk factors may explain it. Some of these are modifiable. You can change them to reduce the likelihood of you experiencing back pain or its recurrence, whilst others are not.

Non-modifiable risk factors include increasing age and certain medical conditions, including some forms of arthritis. Modifiable risk factors are numerous. They include reduced physical activity levels, increased body weight, lifting techniques, smoking, and psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety. Each of these components can influence your pain experience and should be managed accordingly as part of a comprehensive treatment regime.

Depending on your circumstances, your physiotherapist can assist in both managing the back pain you are experiencing and establishing strategies to reduce the likelihood of its recurrence. If these circumstances resonate with you, do not hesitate to arrange an appointment at PhysioWorks online or over the phone today!

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