Is Walking Good For Back Pain?

Article by Erin Hickey

Is Walking Good For Back Pain?

With an acute onset of low back pain, you can make the easy mistake of thinking that you just need to rest to ensure the pain does not worsen or cause any damage. The latest research highlights that the back responds best to gentle movement, particularly in the early stages compared to prolonged, sustained positions.

Early aerobic exercise for an acute onset of low back pain can result in a better outcome with a faster reduction in symptoms and returning to living your best life sooner. The best early aerobic exercise you can do for your back in the acute stages is walking due to it being a low impact activity. The duration of walking varies between individuals and is based on pain levels, current activity level, and response to exercise.

Your physiotherapist will develop an individualised walking program to help you start moving in the right direction. So don’t sit around waiting for your back pain to go away. Please make an appointment with your PhysioWorks physiotherapist where they will do a thorough assessment, provide education on your condition and start you on an individualised exercise program.

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