What to Expect with Your Professional Bike Fit

Article by John Miller

Professional Bike Fit

Your bike fit physio will explicitly tailor you and your bike. Cyclists are often surprised how a few subtle changes can make their ride more comfortable, efficient and effective. Now, who doesn’t want that?

A professional bike fit will address several components:

  1. Assess your riding style and level. E.g. Recreational, aggressive elite, road, track, MTB.
  2. Take into account your injury history. (e.g. back pain/surgery, knee pain)
  3. Measure your body’s anthropometry. (e.g. body dimensions)
  4. Identify your ideal bike frame size.
  5. Analyse your current bike set-up – then compare it to your ideal setup.
  6. Assess your current flexibility. (joint, muscle and neural)
  7. Analyse your current muscle control.
  8. Analyse your optimal riding position via slow-motion video analysis.
  9. Work with you to improve your setup, riding technique and pedal efficiency.

We’ll also include a detailed bike fit report with an action plan for any recommended bike modifications or exercises you can do. It’s about fitting you better to your bike so that you can work together efficiently and comfortably on the road, trail or track.

Who Should have a Bike Fit?

  • Elite cyclists.
  • Serious recreational cyclists.
  • Cyclists who are suffering pain or discomfort, eg.
    • knee / back / hip / shoulder / neck / wrist pain
    • crutch/perineum pain, numbness or pins and needles
    • hand numbness or pins and needles
    • fatigue cramps
    • can’t reach the drops comfortably
  • Cyclists who have adapted their cycling motion from average:
    • wandering knees
    • saddle sliding/tilting
    • straight arm
  • Cyclists who wish to increase their cycle efficiency (more power for the same energy).

Bike Size vs Bike Fit

Most bike shops are usually very good at quickly measuring a few of your body parts to determine the best bike frame size for you. They’ll then adjust your pedals and seat height to where things should hopefully be. While this quick system will work for most people, it may not be so for cyclists who spend a few hours on the saddle or want to become faster or more efficient.

However, sometimes they get things wrong for YOU! Your body isn’t the same as someone else’s. People have short legs, long trunks and dodgy knees, and somehow that has to fit your bike as best we can make it. How often do you sit in someone else’s car and have to adjust the seat and mirrors?

Right Bike Size – Wrong Body!

Unfortunately, even though you may have the right bike size, your body may not always fit it comfortably! For example:

  • Cyclists who are too stiff or inflexible can’t attain that ideal cycling position.
  • Cyclists who possess poor muscle control or endurance are vulnerable. You can’t maintain a comfortable cycling posture for the length of your ride.
  • Cyclists in pain.
  • Cyclists with a physical limitation. They can’t achieve a comfortable optimal cycling posture, e.g. previous surgery, leg length difference.

The point is a professional bike fit is very individual. We’re here to help you ride better: faster, easier, longer and in total comfort!

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