Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Article by Z.Russell, A.Clarke

Injury Prevention

What Are The Benefits Of Injury Prevention Programs?

Injury prevention programs and strategies aim to reduce the quantity and severity of injuries.

While we are well accustomed to injury prevention programs in workplaces and professional sports teams, injury prevention has now spread to the amateur sporting environment. I suppose it makes sense given that there is growing evidence that well-implemented injury prevention programs reduce injury; there is a duty of care to provide a similar injury prevention program to club players and students.

Injury prevention strategies developed based on:

  1. Overall injury risk assessment of the sport or workplace – Player / Position Risk Assessment.
  2. Individual screening assessment of each player or employee – Individual Injury Risk Assessment.
  3. Analysis of major injury risk factors for both the group and individual.
  4. Implementation of generic injury prevention strategies – all players or employees.
  5. Implementation of a specific player or employee injury prevention based on their individual injury risk screening assessment.

Injury Prevention Programs

At PhysioWorks, we have developed Injury Prevention Programs (IPP’s) for workplaces and sportspeople.

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