SpiderTech Tape – Calf and Arch


SpiderTech Tape – Calf and Arch

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Calf Kinesiology Tape

Spidertech calf kinesiology tape is a professionally engineered, dynamic therapeutic support for your calf muscles supporting and stabilising your foot arch, ankle and calf musculature.

Spidertech calf kinesiology tape products use a high-grade cotton material with 100%
acrylic, low allergy adhesive.

The kinesiology tape is water-resistant and
breathable, which can usually be worn for up to 5 days.

Spidertech calf kinesiology tape allows you to resume exercises and activity with greater protection!

Calf kinesiology tape helps you by:

  • Supporting your calf, Achilles tendon and foot arch while still being able to move
  • Restoration of normal calf muscle activation
  • Improve your pain
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Cleverly integrate support for both your arch and the calf muscles simultaneously
  • Improve your body’s feedback and timing of calf and stabilising muscles of the ankle and
    arch of the foot
  • Aid in the prevention of further injury by providing mild support and feedback
  • Provide injury-protection during the healing phase.

Wearing the Calf & Arch Kinesiology tape can help you with the following


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