Wrist Widget

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Wrist Widget

Comfort and Support with the Wrist Widget

Experience effective relief from ulnar-sided wrist pain with the Wrist Widget, a specialised wrist brace designed to target discomfort caused by TFCC tears and other wrist conditions.

Precision-Engineered for TFCC-Related Issues

The Wrist Widget stands out as a reliable solution, offering targeted support where it’s needed most. Its design addresses the complexities of wrist discomfort, ensuring those in need can benefit from its precision-engineered features.

Secure, Flexible Fit

Featuring a robust hook and loop fastener, the Wrist Widget provides a secure fit without hindering natural wrist movement. This mechanism maintains wrist stability while allowing for flexibility, crucial in managing ulnar-sided wrist pain without restricting your daily activities.

Superior Comfort with Non-Elastic Material

Crafted from a non-elastic material, the Wrist Widget moulds to your wrist’s contours. This design ensures a comfortable, irritant-free fit, crucial for maintaining joint integrity and offering consistent support without causing strain or discomfort.

Fully Adjustable Design for Everyone

The Wrist Widget’s fully adjustable design caters to individuals of all sizes. Its inclusive approach guarantees that anyone, regardless of wrist size, can achieve a tailored fit, highlighting its versatility and accessibility.

Ideal for Active Lifestyles

Whether you’re recovering from a TFCC injury, dealing with ECU tendon subluxation, or facing other wrist challenges, the Wrist Widget supports all activity levels. It’s the perfect companion for athletes and active individuals alike, enabling effective pain management while you stay on the move.

Key Benefits

  • Precise support for TFCC-related wrist pain
  • Flexible and secure fit with durable fastening
  • Non-elastic material for superior comfort
  • Adjustable to all wrist sizes
  • Suitable for various activity levels


The Wrist Widget redefines wrist brace standards, offering a blend of comfort, adjustability, and effectiveness. It’s an excellent choice for anyone seeking relief from ulnar-sided wrist pain, embodying a holistic approach to wrist health and mobility.

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