Wrist Splint with Elastic Strap – OPPO 2182

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Enhanced Wrist Splint with Elastic Strap – OPPO 2182

Optimised Support for Your Wrist

Experience unparalleled wrist support with the Wrist Splint with Elastic Strap (OPPO 2182). Designed by experts, this wrist brace stabilises your wrist effectively, making it an ideal choice for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendinopathy or sprains.

Adaptable and Comfortable Design

Our reversible aluminium splint fits both hands, ensuring you get the support you need, regardless of which wrist requires attention. The contoured stay is positioned on your palm for optimal support, while the top strap secures snugly between your thumb and forefinger.

Customisable Fit for Maximum Comfort

Adjust the hook and loop straps to achieve your desired level of compression. The reinforced strap adds an extra layer of support, adapting to your wrist’s unique shape and size. This customisability ensures you get the most comfortable fit every time.

Targeted Relief and Recovery

By reducing pressure on the wrist and limiting joint movement, the Wrist Splint with Elastic Strap provides targeted relief from pain and discomfort. It’s an essential tool in your recovery journey, whether you’re dealing with an injury or seeking additional support for your wrist.

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Sizing Chart:

Measure circumference of your wrist. Fits either right or left.


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