Wrist and Thumb Support – OPPO 1089

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OPPO 1089 – Wrist & Thumb Support

Designed for individuals grappling with rheumatoid conditions, this thumb orthosis is a tailored solution offering pain relief and stability to the CMC (carpometacarpal) joint. Reinforced with a metal stick, it ensures enhanced support for the thumb. The adjustable hook and loop fastenings guarantee a snug and comfortable fit, providing sustained support during daily activities.

Versatile Use

The versatility of this thermal wrist support extends beyond rheumatoid conditions, encompassing relief for tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and general wrist support. Its multifaceted design addresses a spectrum of hand and wrist-related concerns, making it a comprehensive solution for those seeking targeted support.

Wearing the wrist and thumb support is simple and efficient:

  1. Place your thumb in the designated thumb locking area.
  2. Align the metal splint with the lateral side of your thumb.
  3. Secure the hook and loop strap to achieve your preferred compression level beside the thumb area.
  4. Fasten the elastic hook and loop strap to fine-tune the compression to your liking.


This wrist and thumb support finds application in conditions such as de Quervains tenosynovitis, thumb sprains and injuries to the CMC joint. It is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals facing these hand and thumb-related challenges.

Choose this thumb orthosis to experience a tailored solution that not only addresses rheumatoid conditions but also provides versatile support for a range of hand and wrist issues. The emphasis on both comfort and effectiveness makes it a reliable choice for individuals seeking comprehensive care and relief.

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