Rib Belt Support (Men) – OPPO 4073

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Comfort and Relief with the OPPO 4073 Rib Belt Support for Men

Optimal Support for Rib Fractures and Chest Pain

The OPPO 4073 Rib Belt Support for Men stands as a premium support aid, specifically crafted for those enduring rib fractures, intercostal muscle strains, or general chest discomfort. This belt is a vital tool in your physiotherapy regimen, providing essential support and promoting healing.

Innovative Design for Maximum Comfort

Crafted from a unique blend of elastic and soft nylon, fused to a quarter-inch foam, the OPPO 4073 ensures an even pressure distribution across the torso. This design principle is crucial in minimising discomfort while maximising support, essential for those recovering from rib injuries or experiencing chronic chest pain.

Easy Application for Everyday Use

We understand that ease of use is paramount. Hence, the OPPO 4073 Rib Belt features a user-friendly hook and loop closure system. This design allows for effortless application and removal, a feature highly appreciated by individuals seeking a practical solution for daily wear.

Physiotherapist’s Perspective: Enhancing Recovery

As physiotherapists, we recognise the importance of stabilising the ribcage during the healing process. The OPPO 4073 Rib Belt provides the necessary support, reducing movement at the fracture site. This stabilisation is key in managing pain and expediting the healing process.

Key Benefits:

  • Even pressure distribution for comfort
  • Support for rib fractures and muscle strains
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Aids in pain management and recovery


In conclusion, the OPPO 4073 Rib Belt for Men is an indispensable aid for those recovering from rib injuries or experiencing chest discomfort. Its design, endorsed by physiotherapy principles, ensures both comfort and effective support, fostering a smoother and quicker recovery.


Measure around the chest at the base of the sternum.

MEN: One size fits all (79.4cm – 131.5cm)

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