AllCare Ortho 17″ Regular Moon Boot

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Introducing the Moon Boot

The 17″ Regular Walking Boot, crafted with a cutting-edge contoured strut design. This innovation seamlessly moulds to the contours of your anatomy, ensuring an exceptional fit. Step into the future of walking ease, as our unique, shock-absorbing sole lessens the impact at each heel strike, promoting enhanced comfort throughout your stride. The specially engineered rocker bottom, both low and wide, supports and promotes your natural walking motion while greatly increasing stability.

Key Features:

  • Optimised Fit: The Moon Boot’s anatomically conforming structure guarantees a snug, secure fit, tailored to your foot and ankle shape.
  • Impact Reduction: Advanced shock-absorption technology protects your heel from harsh impacts, offering a gentle, comfortable step.
  • Stable Ambulation: The broad, low-profile rocker bottom is designed to support a natural gait pattern and improve overall stability.

Ideal Uses:

  • Ankle Sprain Management: Provides robust support for recovery from ankle sprains.
  • Stable Foot & Ankle Fractures: Perfect for the healing of stable fractures in the foot and ankle area.
  • Post-Surgical Recovery: Assists in the post-operative phase of ligament, soft tissue, and tendon surgeries.
  • Lower Leg Soft Tissue Injuries: Delivers relief and support for various soft tissue injuries in the lower leg.

Stride into comfort and stability with the Moon Boot 17″ Regular Walking Boot, your ideal partner for a smooth and assured recovery journey.

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