ActivLife TENS Connecting Lead

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ActivLife TENS Connecting Lead

The ActivLife TENS Connecting Lead (ACL) is a versatile and reliable accessory that adds a new dimension to pain relief, offering compatibility with a range of cutting-edge products. Designed to enhance the efficacy of TENS therapy, this 100cm grey lead is proudly made in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and adherence to stringent manufacturing standards.

What sets the ActivLife Connecting Lead apart is its broad compatibility with various devices, including ActivBody, SportsMed, InControl, ActivNatal, EllaEase, EllaEase Endo, PainEze plus, PainEze xtra, PainEze xtra – R, SportsMed micro – R, InControl micro – R, and Sportstim. This extensive compatibility makes the lead a valuable addition to the toolkit of individuals seeking effective pain relief through TENS therapy.

Featuring 22mm output pins, the ActivLife TENS Connecting Lead excels in providing a secure and reliable connection between the TENS device and the electrodes. Its 100cm length strikes a balance between flexibility and strength, ensuring durability for long-term use.

It’s important to note that while the ActivLife TENS Connecting Lead is a versatile accessory, it is not compatible with SportsMed PRO or SportsMed Clinical devices, as these products require a distinct lead for optimal functionality.

For users seeking an upgrade to their pain relief solution, the ActivLife Connecting Lead stands out as a high-quality and convenient choice. Its compatibility with a range of devices, USA-made construction, and optimal cable length make it an essential accessory for those prioritising reliability and effectiveness in their TENS therapy experience.

In the realm of TENS therapy, where precision and reliability are paramount, the ActivLife Connecting Lead proves to be an invaluable companion, providing users with a seamless and efficient connection for their pain relief devices.

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