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Physiotherapist Jobs

Physiotherapist Jobs: Join Our Dynamic Team in Brisbane!

Your Opportunity Awaits

Are you a dynamic, caring physiotherapist eager to enhance your career in a thriving environment? PhysioWorks offers you a fantastic chance to become part of our vibrant team in Brisbane. Our clinics are not just workplaces; they are hubs where advanced care meets passion and dedication.

Physiotherapist Jobs on Offer

We are actively seeking physiotherapists to manage and grow an existing caseload across our private practice clinics. Whether you are newly graduated or a seasoned professional, we value your unique contributions. Our roles provide exposure to a diverse array of cases, from musculoskeletal issues to sports injuries and specialised interests. We also maintain strong connections with local sports clubs and gyms.

If you have a special interest niche, we love creating opportunities for you to treat those patient group across our clinic network. For those aspiring to leadership, we offer clear pathways to become clinic partners. In short, we have the flexibility to create a physiotherapist job for you, whether that be full-time, part-time or sessional. Call us to discuss your passion today.

Work-Life Balance

Understanding the importance of work-life harmony, PhysioWorks offers both full-time and part-time positions with flexible scheduling to suit your life’s demands. Full-time roles are crucial for developing your clinical skills, but we also cater to experienced physiotherapists seeking part-time opportunities to balance personal commitments or pursue niche specialisations.

Diverse Clinical Experience

Our approach integrates hands-on techniques with evidence-based exercise rehabilitation, addressing a wide spectrum of conditions.

Our team includes experts in Sports & Exercise, TMJ, headaches, vestibular dysfunction, pilates, SIJ issues, and both Women’s and Men’s Health.

If you desire, you’ll have opportunities to partake in group exercise classes, occupational health, sports screening, functional capacity evaluations, and return-to-work programs, enhancing your professional scope.

Educational and Career Advancement

At PhysioWorks, your professional development is a priority. We promote your specialties within our network and provide comprehensive training, including both practical and online courses. Our regular mentoring sessions and access to cutting-edge resources keep our team at the forefront of the physiotherapy field.

Exceptional Support Network

Our clinics benefit from a strong collaboration with a range of medical professionals and local sports clubs. This enriches our practice and broadens the range of conditions and clients we engage with, providing a stimulating and diverse working environment.

Why Choose PhysioWorks?

We go beyond the basics with enhanced job benefits designed to ensure a fulfilling career. Our competitive remuneration packages reflect the high standard of care you provide, with potential earnings well above award rates.

Flexible Working Conditions

We offer unmatched flexibility, allowing you to tailor your work hours and even engage in remote work or take sabbaticals for personal growth. This flexibility ensures you can align your career with personal pursuits or family needs without compromise.

Ongoing Professional Development

We invest in your future through funded courses, workshops, and international conferences, keeping you updated with the latest skills and knowledge in physiotherapy.

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Join Our Brisbane Physio Team – Careers In Physiotherapy

A Supportive Community

Being part of PhysioWorks means joining a community that thrives on teamwork and support. Our environment is geared towards fostering close relationships and a supportive network that enhances job satisfaction and professional growth. Check out our social media platforms to get an idea of what our team is like.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We embrace technology to enhance care delivery, featuring AI-enhanced clinical notes, cloud-based education, and personalised exercise prescription platforms. These tools help improve clinical outcomes and reduce burnout, ensuring you and your patients benefit from the latest advancements.

Join Us Today!

If you’re passionate about advancing your career and dedicated to providing top-notch care, consider joining PhysioWorks. With excellent remuneration, a supportive environment, and ample opportunities for specialisation, your next big career step is here.

What to Do?

Interested? Call our clinic today and ask to speak with our Regional Practice Manager to explore how PhysioWorks can elevate your career and enhance patient outcomes. Let’s achieve great things together!

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