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Pain Relief Strategies

The Using Your Brain to Get Rid of Your Pain publications form a simple, common sense guide on how to manage stress, reduce pain, and think more healthily. Following the simple, useful practices will help you to feel better. You’ll not only learn how to reduce or relieve your aches and pains, but you’ll discover techniques that will help you to relax away the stresses and strains of everyday life.

However, they do not contain masses of complex psychiatry, nor are they a collection of old wives’ remedies. You won’t have to use any drugs to achieve amazing results, nor will you be required to burn incense or wear mystical healing crystals in an ankle bracelet. Instead, you will learn how to relieve your pain using the most natural cures known to medical science.

Furthermore, the treatment will have beneficial spin-offs rather than unpleasant or dangerous side effects.

Here’s what experts have said about “Using your brain to get rid of your pain.”

“This is an easy-to-understand guide to stress and its related symptoms. The author explains these sometimes difficult concepts by using simple, relevant examples, and enlivens the discussion with a touch of humour along the way. Most importantly, it shows you in simple terms how to manage your own problems.

I heartily recommend this book to all sufferers of chronic pain” – (Ian McKenzie, Psychologist, Chronic pain clinician).

“What a wonderful, simple-to-read book! It’s funny, insightful, and does a magnificent job of combining theory with practical management. Anyone suffering with chronic pain or stress should read this book.” – (Hilary Thomson, Occupational Therapist, Former head of Relaxation Unit at The King Khalid National Guard Hospital in Saudi Arabia)

Using Your Brain to Get Rid of Your Pain can be purchased separately, or as a two part kit, consisting of an 85 page booklet and a 56 minute
audio CD.

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