How Successful is Ultrasound Physiotherapy?

Would you like a 84% or 30% chance of NOT having back pain in one year's time?

ultrasound physiotherapy

Ultrasound Physiotherapy Can Help You Beat Back Pain

Researchers have found that ultrasound physiotherapy has a 70% success rate of preventing a return of lower back pain within 12 months. The same study showed that those patients who didn't undergo the ultrasound physiotherapy had only a 16% chance of remaining pain-free. 

This means your chance of avoiding repeat back pain is 4.4 times better with ultrasound physiotherapy!

Plus, there's even more good news. Researchers have discovered that 65% of sufferers didn’t have another bout of pain within three years after undertaking ultrasound physiotherapy. This means the ultrasound physiotherapy also endures the test of time. 

Ultrasound Physiotherapy FAQs

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  • Real Time Ultrasound Physiotherapy Clinics

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