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Sports Injury?  What to Do?

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How to Care for Your Sports Injury.

There is never a great time for an injury. But we do know that most sports injuries occur over the weekend! That’s why at PhysioWorks we have established an Acute Sports Injury Clinic at a selection of our clinics on a Monday and Tuesday. 

Why Use an Acute Sports Injury Clinic?

Your Acute Sports Injury Assessment Consultation allows us to provide you with:

  • Quick and accurate diagnosis and prognosis from either a Sports Physiotherapist or an experienced sports injury focused physiotherapist. Your consultation only requires 15 minutes of your time. 
  • Early acute sports injury care, professional advice and education. What to do this week? 
  • Fast referral for X-rays, ultrasound or MRI scans to confirm your diagnosis.
  • Prompt referral to Sports Physicians, GPs or Surgeons with whom we work if required. 
  • Immediate supply of walking boots, braces and rental crutches if needed. 
  • Low-cost professional service. The acute sports injury consultation fee is significantly lower than a normal assessment and treatment consultation. In most cases, your private health will cover your full acute sports injury assessment consultation fee.  

How to Book?

Simply call your nearest PhysioWorks clinic and mention that you would like an Acute Sports Injury Assessment Consultation. Our receptionist will provide you with your booking details. Our Acute Sports Injury Clinic normally operates on a Monday or Tuesday to ensure that we can help you as soon as possible following your sports injury.

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