Active Foot Posture Correction Exercises

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Foot Posture Correction Exercises

Foot Posture Exercises

If you suffer from painful feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, feet pronation or collapsing arches then you will be interested in the active foot posture correction exercises that we utilise at PhysioWorks. 

Your foot posture in weight-bearing has an impact on all of your joints and muscles within and above your foot. Poor foot posture can lead to foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip and back pain.

While  you are probably aware of orthotics (an arch modification device placed within your shoe), the unfortunate trouble with orthotics is that they are only useful when you are wearing shoes. You don't see too many orthotics on the beach or in designer shoes!

Another significant disadvantage is the fact that orthotics are a passive support.  This means that something else is holding up your collapsed foot arch that isn't your muscles. While this may be helpful in the short-term, the long-term news is not so good. So what else can actually fix your fallen arches?

The human body works on the principle of supply and demand. Perform demand on the muscles eg exercise and your body will grow stronger muscles. Unfortunately, the opposite also applies. Fail to stimulate your muscles and they will weaken further. 

In simple terms, because your orthotics are doing the job that your foot posture muscles should be doing - but don't have to - your foot posture muscles will progressively weaken further over time. The end result will be very weak foot muscles, further collapsing of your arches or excessive foot pronation as it is known in medical terms. And in case you weren't aware, Collapsed arches leads to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, shin splints and other torsional injuries further up your leg and even spine pain. 

However There Is Good News!

Active Foot Posture Correction Exercises are an excellent short and long-term method of regaining full control of your feet and the pain they cause. 

After assessing your foot posture muscles, your PhysioWorks physiotherapist will prescribe a graded exercise that is appropriate for you at that stage. Once you perfect that level of exercise, you can safely progress to the next level. Within a short period of time, you'll actually regain control of your foot arch muscles.

Yes. Most people can eliminate orthotics and become pain-free again in a short-period of time.

How Long Does It Take for Foot Posture Exercises to Work?

Like most injuries, everyone will differ. It's much easier to regain control of partially collapsed feet that have only mild weakness than one that is chronically weak and subsequently deformed eg bunions. Mild to moderate cases are normally resolved in 6 to 8 weeks of exercise progressions.

Severe foot deformities will take longer. Weak feet muscles usually also have poor endurance. This means that when your feet muscles fatigue, an orthotic can prevent a full arch collapse and the subsequent pain.

Orthotics. Should You Still Wear Them?

If you have been prescribed orthotics we do not recommend that you throw them away. The aim of the active foot posture correction exercises is to wean you out of orthotics. We'll use your orthotics and gradually reduce the time you spend on them, as your foot strength and endurance improve.

More Information About Foot Exercises

For more information, please contact your PhysioWorks physiotherapist who is trained in Active Foot Posture Correction Exercises.  It usually only takes a few weeks of the right exercises to regain control of your arches.

Please note: The Active Foot Posture Correction Exercise Program has been designed by your PhysioWorks team over many years. Don't be surprised if other physiotherapists are unaware of this successful long-term foot pain solution.

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