The Gap Football Club

The Gap Football Club Physiotherapists

The Gap Football Club is proud to be associated with PhysioWorks

Ashgrove PhysioWorks is the closest PhysioWorks clinic located at:

480 Waterworks Road Ashgrove Qld 4060

Ashgrove Physio

Phone: 3366 4221

Book Online - 24 hours!

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Triage Clinic

An injury triage clinic held at the club will operate during the football season. This is a free service offered as a part of the PhysioWorks sponsorship and The Gap FC player support program to. The triage service is available to Senior and Reserve players on a Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm.

Injury Prevention Program

PhysioWorks will be providing a free sports injury risk assessment for all players in the Senior and Reserve team players. This is offered as a component of the PhysioWorks sponsorship package and is aimed at reducing injury rates and improving on field performance. Players who are not in the teams above can arrange their own player screening and injury assessments by contacting PhysioWorks directly. This will be provided at a small cost to the player and will include The Gap FC player discount.

Sportscover Insurance

Players at The Gap FC are covered by FFA’s "Sportscover Insurance".

The insurers will reimburse you for your physiotherapy costs. There is a $50 excess and they will then pay you 85% of the balance up to $2500.

The Claim Form and Online Claim Lodgement is available here:

Claim Form (pdf)

More info: Phone 1800 811 371. Ask for the FFA Insurance Team


Player Discount

PhysioWorks is pleased to offer all of The Gap Football Club players discounted treatment at our Ashgrove clinic on presentation of The Gap Football Club membership card.

Clinic Hours

Clinic hours are Monday to Saturday.

Booking an Appointment at TGFC Affiliated Clinics

Ashgrove Physio

Phone: 3366 4221

Book Online - 24 hours!

Clayfield Physio

Phone: 3862 4544

Book Online - 24 hours!

Sandgate Physio

Phone: 3269 1122

Book Online - 24 hours!

Medical Specialist Referrals

Alex Clarke Physiotherapist

PhysioWorks works with Brisbane’s leading Sports Medicine Professionals including: Sports Physicians, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Radiology Clinics.

Please ask your physiotherapist to arrange an appropriate and prompt referral.

FIFA 11 Injury Prevention Program

Injury prevention is every player, parent, coach and physiotherapist’s goal.

FIFA endorses a scientifically supported football injury prevention program which is available to you free of charge. We encourage you to perform this program every time you prepare to train or play football.

Warm Up Program FIFA 11 – Click Link:

Best wishes for your season.

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