Muscle & Massage Month

Muscle Pain?

No matter how you describe it – “pulled muscle”, “muscle strain”, “muscle injury”, or “muscle tear”, the result is a muscle injury resulting in muscle pain, muscle weakness and reduced muscle performance.

How can you tell what is wrong? What can you do to get back to life quickly and safely?

Symptoms of a Muscle Strain

  • Muscle tightness
  • Bruising
  • Weakness
  • Inability to fully stretch your injured muscle
  • Loss of function

How to Care for Your Muscle Pain?


Any strain, injury or tear can cause muscle pain. The most common is the high-speed and load muscles such as your hamstrings, thigh (quadriceps), calf, back and biceps. But any muscle group can be injured.

More info:

Muscle tears can range from a mild strain (Grade 1), moderate strain (Grade 2), to a complete rupture (Grade 3). Treatment options vary depending on your muscle strain, tear or rupture severity. The grading of your muscle strain directly affects your rehabilitation, so please seek a professional assessment.

Common Muscle Injury FAQs


Treatment & Recovery

Massage & Muscle Injuries

What Are Some Common Muscle Injuries?

Myalgia, or muscle pain, can have many sources. Here are some of the more common sources of muscle pain. Would you please click the links for more information?

Neck & Back Muscle Injuries

Lower Limb Muscle Injuries

Upper Limb Muscle Injuries

Haematoma-Related Myalgia

Fatigue-Related Myalgia

Systemic Causes of Myalgia

More Information: Myalgia

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