Posture Aid/Clavicle Brace – Deluxe 2175

Posture Aid/Clavicle Brace – Deluxe 2175

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Posture Brace 2175

The posture brace 2175 offers you the best support for your posture.

This posture brace focuses on improving your upper back posture, thoracic spine and scapula (shoulder blades) posture. This provides you with an improved postural platform for your head and neck to then easily achieve their best postural position.

Plus, the posture brace 2175’s elastic properties allow for flexibility in movement in both sitting and standing postures.

Posture Brace 2175 Features

Triangle configuration correctly distributes your “best posture” forces, applying only mild pressure to your shoulder tips. Adjustable hook and loop closure facilitates a much easier application than other brands. Breathable fabric allows for better compliance in hot environments.

Suitable for adults or children.

Can be worn either under or over clothing, should the need arise.

Posture Brace Indications

  • Poor posture.
  • Round shoulders.
  • Weak scapula muscles.
  • Postural fatigue sufferers.


Which Size?

How to Wear your Posture Brace 2175

  • Place the shoulder strap of clavicle strap over the shoulder.
  • Secure the abdominal straps comfortably around the waist.
  • Cross straps under armpits and place the shoulder straps through the ribbon on the back of the support. Then secure comfortably in the front to desired compression.


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