Patella Stabiliser – OPP1033

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OPP1033 – Patella Stabiliser

The OPP1033 Patella Stabiliser is a knee support that helps to protect and stabilize the patella (kneecap) to prevent displacement. It is made with neoprene materials including a circle pad around the patella, four straps that provide support to the patella area, and two spiral stays that give extra support and stability to the knee. It helps to relieve pain caused by conditions such as tendinitis and arthritis and also keeps the knee warm by retaining body heat and increasing blood flow. To wear, hold the top of the support with both hands, insert your foot into the knee stabilizer and pull it up to your knee, positioning the opening over the kneecap. Make sure the two stays are on each side of your knee and then pull the straps on one side to tighten and secure them to the other side of your knee.

This knee brace is suitable for moderate arthritis, knee strain/sprain, knee instability and patellar instability.

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Indications for the Patella Knee 1033 include:

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