Laser Headlamp – LED


Laser Headlamp – LED

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Head Laser / Neck Laser

Physiotherapists use a headlamp laser to perform assessment and treatment for neck pain, headaches, cervical dizziness, neck injuries and conditions such as whiplash. Research has shown that poor neck proprioception (joint position sense) contributes to chronic neck pain. A head-mounted laser assists your neck physiotherapist to assess neck proprioception and quantify. Your physiotherapist may then utilise a head-mounted laser pointer for your specific home neck and head exercises. Your exercises aim to improve your proprioception.

A laser headband can assist your neck’s proprioception deficits, just like a wobble board does for unstable ankles.

Headlamp lasers can benefit a wide range of clinical applications:

  • Cervical fine motor control
  • Stabilisation exercise
  • Controlled mobility exercise
  • Sensory-motor control
  • Angle reproduction testing
  • The threshold to detection of motion
  • Postural training
  • Balance training
  • Chargeable USB adaptor

Easily mount the laser using the head strap for cervical control.

More info: Neck Pain


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