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Head Laser / Neck Laser

Recent research indicates that poor neck proprioception, or joint position sense, can lead to chronic neck pain. Physiotherapists can enhance their treatment of neck pain, headaches, cervical dizziness, and related conditions by utilising the Head Laser / Neck Laser as a valuable tool. The head-mounted laser device can assist physiotherapists in assessing and improving proprioception and enhancing patient outcomes.

With the head-mounted laser pointer, patients can perform targeted exercises to improve proprioception in the comfort of their homes. The laser headband is akin to a wobble board for unstable ankles. It can help to address proprioception deficits in the neck. The device is particularly beneficial for various clinical applications, including cervical fine motor control, stabilisation exercises, controlled mobility exercises, sensory-motor control, angle reproduction testing, postural training, and balance training.

The Head Laser / Neck Laser has a chargeable USB adaptor. It adds to its convenience and can be easily mounted using the head strap for cervical control. By incorporating this device into their practice, physiotherapists can improve patient outcomes and enhance their ability to provide targeted treatment for various neck-related conditions.

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