Elbow Sleeve ES3

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Elbow Sleeve ES3

The Elbow Sleeve ES3 is the ultimate solution for those who suffer from painful tennis or golfer’s elbow. By combining the best of medical-grade support and the benefits of graduated compression, this elbow sleeve provides the necessary care and comfort to alleviate elbow discomfort.

Thanks to its Compression Zone Technology, the ES3 wraps the elbow joint in three graduated zones of compression, providing maximum support to the tendons that are causing pain and promoting efficient blood flow to aid in the healing process. Whether you’re at work, playing sports or just going about your daily routine, you can wear the ES3 comfortably under your normal shirt or jacket, ensuring all-day pain relief and support. So, take control of your elbow discomfort and start experiencing the benefits of the Elbow Sleeve ES3 today!

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Dimensions 2 × 10 × 20 cm

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