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An adjustable, air-filled apparatus that provides support and allows movement at the same time. By providing an “active support”, the ChiBolster® helps eliminate static positioning and flexion that regularly occurs during routine floor work exercises as well as everyday sitting.

The patented design of the ChiBolster® makes it the ideal fitness tool to incorporate into everyday floor work exercises like abdominal work, stretching and Pilates. Being self inflatable, the ChiBolster® is simple to adjust from a lower level of difficulty to a higher level of difficulty, making it an ideal fitness apparatus for both beginners and fitness professionals. Measures: 120mm diameter by 330mm long. The ChiBolster® provides an unstable platform necessary to activate under-utilized and often weaker intrinsic muscles and stabilizers required for fluid movement, peak performance and strength.

The patented “active” design of the ChiBolster® constantly gives feedback throughout your movements, providing you with an awareness for activating your performance enhancing intrinsic muscles and stabilizers.


Exercise and support tool
Self-inflating for easy use
Soft, durable PVC
Adjustable for all body types

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 9 × 34 × 9 cm
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