Back Tone 4000 Correct Posture Trainer

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The Back Tone 4000 is a revolutionary posture trainer that helps you achieve better posture through its unique biofeedback system. This posture brace beeps or vibrates every time you slouch, reminding you to sit or stand upright. With just 20 minutes of daily use, the Back Tone 4000 can effectively retrain your posture muscles, eliminating pain and improving posture in just a few days.

The Back Tone 4000 has a new strapping configuration, firmer strapping, and a rubber-backed waistband, allowing for more active use. The device also has an option for silent vibrations, making it suitable for use at work or in noisy environments. The Back Tone 4000 is easy to put on, requires no cleaning, and can be worn outside or under clothing.

In conclusion, the Back Tone 4000 is a dynamic correct posture training device that is not only easy to use but also has the benefits of being low volume, discreet, and not cumbersome. Get yours in one of the three available sizes today and start the journey to a better posture.

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 30 × 20 cm

S, M, L