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Physiotherapist Job: Brisbane Queensland Australia

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PhysioWorks is an actively growing group regularly looking to expand its workforce and professional services. If you feel that you are the right candidate for a career at PhysioWorks, we welcome your application at any time.

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PhysioWorks has many work options available that include full-time, 4-day, 3-day or other part-time options. Please feel free to discuss your preferred options with us. We can accommodate most options within our clinical team.

How to Apply

Contact PhysioWorks for more information on applying for a career at PhysioWorks, or complete the online form below.

Fast Track Your Physio Knowledge & Career?

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PhysioWorks is a modern, forward-thinking, multi-practitioner and multidisciplinary group of private practice clinics with excellent clinical outcomes and positive clinician experience.

You will be working in a highly supportive team with a regular mentoring environment. Our evidence-based approach and involvement with sporting teams keep us at the cutting-edge theory and clinical implementation.

If you are keen to provide sports team coverage, we have club physio positions available.

What is Special about Working at PhysioWorks?

While PhysioWorks treats most musculoskeletal and sporting injuries utilising a hands-on and exercise based rehab approach, we also have numerous special interest practitioners who can support your skill development.

Our practitioner interests include TMJ, headache, vestibular dysfunction, SIJ, Women’s Health, and high-level tendinopathy rehabilitation. Our service also provides hydrotherapy, occupational health, FCE’s, and RTW programs. Plus, we are actively involved in sports injury prevention and performance improvement via our sport-specific and musculoskeletal screening programs.

PhysioWorks clinics are well-supported by Orthopaedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Sports Physicians, Ear Nose Throat Specialists, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Dentists, GPs and sports clubs. We are also a clinical education facility for undergraduates.

Plus, if you have a particular interest, we will always be happy to assist the education and promotion of your special interest to our patients, associated companies and referrers.

What is the Educational & Mentoring Support available to You?

We know that as an enthusiastic physiotherapist, you are always keen to learn more, just like us. That’s why at PhysioWorks, we offer comprehensive and regular in-service and structured masterclasses to provide more specialised clinical skills. These education programs include internal and external providers such as Medical & Physiotherapy Specialists, or practitioners with further training in niche areas.

The successful applicant will also be provided with a financial allowance to further your physiotherapy skills via external education courses. If you are a new graduate, you will join our new graduate training program for additional training and support.

Physiotherapist Jobs: Brisbane Queensland

If you are an energetic, caring and friendly physiotherapist, PhysioWorks has an ideal opportunity for you to join our growing team. Located in Brisbane, PhysioWorks now offering a new physiotherapist position to join our clinical team.

Who Should Apply?

The successful applicant will preferably have musculoskeletal and sports injury experience or a strong desire to commit to further education in this realm. Special niche area physiotherapists are also welcome to apply. Less experienced physiotherapists or new graduate with a positive attitude and desire to improve their clinical skills should also consider applying. We love working with our young physiotherapists who want to fast-track their clinical knowledge and improve their clinical outcomes.

How Much Will You Earn?

One of the benefits of working in a premium private practice group is that your remuneration can vastly exceed Award rates when your clinical skills become highly sort after by your clients. If you are motivated keen to earn six-figure sums as a physiotherapist, PhysioWorks may be just the group you need.

Your attractive remuneration package will be individualised based upon your clinical experience, special interests and education that you bring to PhysioWorks.

How to Apply

Please complete the form below or call one of our PhysioWorks clinics to express your interest.

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