PhysioWorks is proud to be a supporter of Parkrun.

PhysioWorks is a leading group of northside physiotherapy, remedial massage and sports injury clinics located at Ashgrove, Sandgate and Clayfield who have a special interest in running injuries and their prevention.

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Acute Sports Injury Clinic

At PhysioWorks, our aim is to keep runners running. That's why we run an Acute Sports Injury Clinic on a Monday and Tuesday at their Ashgrove, Clayfield and Sandgate clinics. More details can be found here: Acute Sports Injury Clinic

Parkrun Discount

PhysioWorks are pleased to announce a Parkrun member discount. Simply show our receptionist your Parkrun barcode at the time of consultation to receive your Parkrun discount.

For further information on how PhysioWorks can help you keep your running season on the track, please contact us at PhysioWorks. Please note that this offer is only valid at our three northside clinics.

Ashgrove Physio

Phone: 3366 4221

Book Online - 24 hours!

Sandgate Physio

Phone: 3269 1122

Book Online - 24 hours!

Clayfield Physio

Phone: 3862 4544

Book Online - 24 hours!


Medical Specialist Referrals

PhysioWorks works with Brisbane’s leading Sports Medicine Professionals including: Sports Physicians, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Radiology Clinics.

Please ask your physiotherapist to arrange an appropriate and prompt referral.

Enjoy your Running!

Running Injuries

Running Injury Information

Running Technique Assessment

Barefoot Running?

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Common Running Injuries

Knee Pain

Ankle Injuries

Thigh & Hamstring Pain

Shin & Calf Pain

Foot & Heel Pain

Groin Pain

Hip Pain

Back Pain

Muscle Pain

Neck Pain

Local Brisbane Parkrun Locations

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New Farm


South Bank


Stones Corner

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