Neck Pain or Headache?

If so, this is YOUR Month to See Us and Save at PhysioWorks!

At PhysioWorks, we’ve been seeing lots of neck pain and headaches. It seems that Covid-19 has created an increase in stress, work from home offices just to name a couple of things that may be leading to the bump in neck pain and headaches.

This July, we’d like to help you sort out your neck pain or headache, plus save you some dollars!

If you have neck pain or headache, you’ll Save 20% off your Physio Assessment Consultation or a 30-min Neck Massage* this July. It’s that simple.


What to Do?

Simply book your physio or neck massage appointment in July, and we’ll apply your 20% discount. It’s that easy! This offer is valid between 1/7/2020 and 31/7/2020 at our Ashgrove, Clayfield and Sandgate PhysioWorks clinics. Please read on for full terms and conditions.

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Neck Pain Causes

General Information

Neck Joint Injuries

Muscle-related Injuries

Bone-related Injuries

Disc-related Injuries

Nerve-related / Referred Pain



Occupational Causes

Do You Know of Friends or Family Who Suffer Calf or Shin Pain?

Share your love!

Feel free to share this special offer with any friends or family who you know that may be suffering from neck pain or headaches. We’re happy to help them too. Or, at least point them in the right direction.

Book Online Now! 24-Hours

Book Online Now! 24-Hours

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid only at Ashgrove, Clayfield and Sandgate PhysioWorks.
  • Only valid with physiotherapy services that assess neck pain or headache conditions. Please feel free to call us and discuss your condition with one of our team prior to your appointment to determine whether the discount will apply.
  • *Valid for 30-minute neck massage services only. Not valid for a full body massage.
  • Discount applies to our normal private consultation fees for an Assessment or New Episode during the offer period: 1/7/2020 to 31/7/2020.
  • The offer is valid ONCE for each client during the promotion period.
  • Discount does not apply to EPC, Medicare or Workcover funded consultations.
  • Normal pensioner or student discount applies in addition to this discount.
  • No further discount or other offer applies.

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