How to Come Back Better, Faster, Stronger in 2020!

How to Come Back Better, Faster, Stronger in 2020!

Article by Zoe Russell


Post-Covid-19 Return to Sport

It is no secret that COVID-19 has stopped the 2020 season for all sport and recreational activities. In most cases, it is frustrating for athletes to have their season interrupted, but there are a rare few athletes that this time off, will facilitate their recovery from injury!

Downtime can be used effectively to:

  1. Rehabilitate any current injuries or niggles that we are experiencing – rehabilitation & recovery
  2. Enhance muscle strength and power ready for a return to sport – performance enhancement
  3. Undertake injury prevention programs to reduce injury risk – injury prevention

Why is Staying Active Important?

Load management is the term used to describe how much training and competition an athlete undertakes. Load management also often includes comparing an athlete’s current practice and competition load to the individual athlete’s previous training and competition load. At the moment, most athletes have had a couple of months of interruption to their practice, and maybe at risk of being underloaded from their usual sporting and athletic demands! As timelines for your return to sport are released – it is time to start safely ramping things up if you haven’t already.

What Should You Be Doing?

Your workload is an increasingly important factor in athlete management along a continuum from injury prevention, in-season management, injury rehabilitation and recovery, and off-season recovery.

What we do know is that changes in regular training, either underloading or overloading can increase the likelihood of an injury. Following a period of underloading, like we have all experienced, can increase the possibility of damage when you return to training and competition.

You’re Not Sure What To Do

If you are not sure what to do, luckily we do. As physiotherapists, we understand exercise doses and can tailor your ramp-up to suit your sport. 

Please contact your local PhysioWorks clinic, and arrange a consultation with a Physiotherapist, to obtain a program specific to your needs and your sporting needs.

Many sports have injury prevention programs, that require minimal or no equipment and can be done safely at home, and maintaining social distancing at all times. As a bonus, most of these programs have demonstrated benefits on PERFORMANCE as well as injury prevention

What Will Your Consultation Entail?

Your physiotherapist will customise your preparatory exercise program after listening to your needs, injury history, current symptoms and what you have been doing or plan on doing soon. Following your consultation, your physiotherapist will provide you with a customised exercise program.

We’ll provide your exercises in either an app form with videos etc. or the old school way as paper protocols. We’ll provide you with what works best for you.

Your physiotherapist will be able to track your progress and make adjustments to your program is required!

Want to Know More?

PhysioWorks has over 30 years of experience in prescribing performance enhancement and injury prevention programs!

For more information, please contact your nearest PhysioWorks clinics to discuss your needs.

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