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Getting Rid of Back Pain Forever!

Would you like a miracle cure for your low back pain?

Sorry, it doesn’t exist. However, if you would like a sensible and realistic solution to your  problem, then read on.

As Brisbane physiotherapist John Perrier explains in his book Back pain: How to get rid of it forever, each case of back pain is different.  Methods that cure your neighbour’s back pain won’t necessarily help you. In fact, they may even make you worse!

For example, some people find that a long walk helps to relieve their symptoms, while others are in agony after a gentle stroll around the local shops. As another example, stretching provides a cure for some people, while only aggravating other conditions.

In the past, it was difficult to tell what advice and exercises suited each spine. Even x-rays and expensive scans were no help, for although they could sometimes pinpoint the injury, they couldn’t predict which activities would hurt it. Nor could they explain how to fix it!

This difficulty was often reflected in the advice and exercises that were prescribed for back pain. Often this information was the same for every person, regardless of their problem.

How would you feel if you went to an optometrist for an eye check up, only to receive a standard set of lenses from the shelf? Pretty annoyed, I would think. Yet this is frequently what happens with back pain. No wonder it affects about 80% of people, and has an alarmingly high reoccurrence rate.

So what can you do?  In his book, John Perrier has devised a system for classifying back pain into one of four types, labeled as either A, B, C or D.  By using this system, you have a far better chance of garnering the right advice for your problem.

After you’ve completed the self assessment quiz, the advice flows thick and fast. You will learn clever techniques that will help you to use your spine more efficiently, and discover how to think, eat, relax, and sleep away your pain.  You’ll also find useful information on exercises, x-rays, medication and muscles, plus some tips on how to choose a spinal health practitioner. Of course, all of the advice will be tailored to your specific problem.

Because the cure uses well-proven techniques, your relief won’t just last a few days or weeks. You will feel better forever.

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