Where Has Hans Been Hiding?

Where Has Hans Been Hiding?

Where Has Hans Been Hiding?

While the conspiracists accused Hans of a run-in with the law or holidaying in the Bahamas, neither is true. The reality is that Hans is human, after all. He was broken and needed some fixing.

So, what is the truth?

Poor Hans succumbed to a significant back injury that ultimately required spinal surgery and some post-op rehab to rejuvenate him to his former glory. And like a magic trick that took a few months … abracadabra, he’s fixed!

Has Hans Finally Become Empathetic?

By all accounts, Hans’ recent perspective as a patient makes him more empathetic and understanding of his patient’s experiences. Who knows how long this mindset will last. So, if you need a sympathetic physio to help you, now is the time to seek the compassion of Hans.

When Does Hans Start Back at PhysioWorks Sandgate?

Hans is back at PhysioWorks from this Monday, the 21st of February.

Limited Appointments

If you would like to rekindle your clinical care with Hans, please know that he will initially have limited appointment availability. We simply don’t want to break him again. To guarantee your appointment, please book online 24/7 or call 32691122 as soon as possible.

Welcome Back, Hans!

And while the whole PhysioWorks team and you, one of his loyal patients, are keen to see Hans back at work, just quietly, his wife is ecstatic at the news of his return to work, as you can well imagine.

Welcome back, Hans.

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